Local Attractions



- 2300 PER DAY
- 11,000 WEEKLY
- 39,000 MONTHLY


-3000 PER DAY
-16,000 WEEKLY
- 50,000 MONTHLY


We want you to have fun and great memories during your stay so here are some activities that are available on the Island of Bohol. Do let us know if you would like us to pre- arrange any for you.

TOUR-MOTORBIKE535ad5779e039.jpgMotorbike Hire- This can really enhance your holiday . A 125cc Honda is a great facilitator to your vacation , allowing you to zip around for shopping or meals out or to visit any of the sites below without paying for taxis .(500php per 24hour day).
FALLS.jpgMag asso falls . This is a water fall set in a ravine which you approach by 200 steps(nice exercise) you can swim there and jump from rocks and experience the cool water . (approximate cost 50php entrance, distance around 30km )
Tour of chocolate hills , Bohol Python, Zip line, Floating restaurant, Butterfly sanctuary, Tarsier monkey viewing, man made forest.This is a 5 hour excursion which you can either do on your motorbike for free or you can have a private vehicle and driver for between 2500php and 5000php depending on the number in your group. (distance around 75 km to the furthest point)
be.jpgDumaluan beach by day(great picture post card white beach) , Bee farm(organic resort with calming atmo), Alona beach by night(specially at the weekend when bands play). By Motorbike for free , in a van around 500php each way depending on the group(distance around 4km to first point)
Firefly watching in a 2 person kayak. Have a guide to follow while you row your self quietly down the Abatan River. This event takes place around 6pm which is sunset in Bohol . As darkness falls you will see fireflies. Takes about 1.5 hours.Cost for a couple about 900php. Distance around 25km . By motorbike for free by taxi around 700php each way.
Massage , coffee on the veranda and eating out . 
Tagbilaran city offers some leisure facilities for an unwind . We recommend Gelateria third floor of bq mall , Gallares St. for great Italian coffee and Ice cream. We recommend Nuat Thai massage in Gallares St who are professional clean and start at 150php for a one hour massage. We recommend Jerrys Grill also Bq Gallares for good food and views of the city. 

(around 10km ) free by motorbike , around 500php each way by taxi.
I sincerely hope that helps to enhance your stay in Bohol. Please remember we are always here to help.
Take care
Julian Muir-Hardinge
(General Manager)


Chocolate Hills

The hills are quite. 


Tarsier at Loboc

The monkeys like staring contests.


Dophin Watching

The dolphins are play full